Nothing Performs Like Carbon Fiber

There is More to a Great Performing Ski Than Shape Alone

The internal materials inside the ski, the characteristics of those materials, the quality of the materials, and the way the materials are laid up make all the difference. While we have incorporated the most modern turning shapes into our ski designs, it is the unique carbon fiber material we use in our construction that makes our skis so different from competitor's skis. We use only the finest core, carbon fiber, and resins in our ski constructions.
No short-cuts. No end-runs.

Water Ski



HandmadeMore Responsive, More Buoys, More Fun.

We design and engineer every ski in-house, using proprietary technologies. We do our own 3-D modeling and cut our own molds. Every ski is carefully laid out, carefully pressed, carefully built, and finished to perfection.Each ski is signed with the names of the craftsmen who built it.


Patent No. 5,759,664
Other Patents Pending