Rocker & Radius

Rocker guuideRocker is More Fun, Easier to Turn, and Effortless to Ski

We incorporate rocker into our designs to make them easier to turn and effortless to ride. The right rocker design on groomed snow allows the ski to drift slightly into the turn before the edge hooks up and in powder the flotation and ease of turning is phenomenal.

Carbon fiber is the perfect material to use in conjunction with rocker design; it is the ideal material for skis with less camber or zero camber as it is stronger than fiberglass and more resilient.




Engineered Radius, Softer Longitudinal Flex and More Torsional Rigidity

With over sixty diffent moldels/lengths to choose from, we take care in calculating the perfect radius and ski profile. While some companies simply scale their skis to a diffent lenghts, here at Goode each new ski design is run through an extensive series of integral calculus programs to optimize your skiing experience.

Carbon is 6 times stronger than fiberglass, so we can give our skis a more forgiving, easier skiing flex, without compromising edge grip or torsional rigidity under the foot.





Lighter • Stronger • Smoother • Quiet • Crisp • Versatile

Goode skis are more alive, easier to turn, and smoother to ski. Carbon is conductive so you can feel the terrain, but it dampens quicker and faster than traditional materials so you get a better, smoother, more effortless ride. Our carbon skis are 30% to 50% lighter than traditional skis, without compromising performance.



Patent No. 5,759,664
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