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click here if you want learn how to demo a pair of GOODE Skis


all GOODE skis are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one year.


New Technologies, New Innovations & First Ascents Are Our Passion

It’s not enough to be first just to be first, to file the first
patent just to own the first patent. We’re dedicated to
providing our customers the most advanced, the most
outstanding performance ski products in the world.

We’re committed to building products with unparalleled
innovation. Uncompromising products with tangible
features and benefits that allow skiers to take their
personal best to a higher level – to get more from, and
more out, of the sport they love.

We turn ideas into revolutionary new products that offer
the best features, best value, best quality, and best
skiing performance in the world.

Lead, Not Follow

We led the industry by introducing the first pure carbon
fiber “pencil” ski pole, the first composite rental pole, the
first pure carbon fiber water ski, and the first pure carbon
fiber snow ski. We innovate using the most versatile raw
element on earth — carbon — it’s lighter, stronger, better.

Our completely new 2011 / 2012 collection of custom
hand made skis and ski poles are different and
unique. We integrate pure carbon into new shapes
and designs that separate us from all others.

Experience better skiing, with modern product designs, built using the very best material in the world — carbon fiber.


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store | water skis | snow skis | ski poles | accessories | customer service | news | | blog | my account