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click here if you want to learn how to demo a GOODE Ski and PowerShellTM Boots.


all new GOODE skis are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 5 years.

The Revolutionary, All New NANO ONETM

One Shape™
We’ve created a completely new ski shape – narrower than the mid and wider than traditional – that fits into a category of its own. Skiers of all types will immediately feel the One Shape’s phenomenal turning performance, tighter radius, and bigger sweet spot. Designed to keep the ski moving through the turn, this new shape is ridiculously easy and forgiving to ski while at the same time solid and smooth.

Genius Bevels™
The new bevels on the NANO ONE™ are different from all others. You’ll experience an easy, comfortable, yet extremely stable and solid connection to the water that gives you more confidence and quicker edge-to-edge performance throughout the turn and as you build angle across the wake. Our new Genius Bevels™ work in perfect harmony with our new One Shape™ providing you the sweetest, easiest, best skiing ski you’ve ever been on.

Nano Carbon Construction - Lighter
It was an industry first when we introduced our innovative nano carbon fiber construction last year. Now it’s undisputedly proven. Goode skis constructed from nano carbon fiber and resin have higher strength-to-weight ratios and are lighter and stronger than skis built from traditional carbon fiber. Nano carbon raises the performance bar to a higher level.

We’ve also reduced the ski’s weight a quarter of a pound by removing the top and bottom acrylic layers, increasing performance and allowing you to see the raw nano carbon fiber and the uniqueness of each hand-made ski.   

All For ONE … ONE For ALL
The vast majority of skiers will all ride a 65.25-inch ski, just like Nick Parsons (6’5”, 205 lbs) and Regina Jaquess did when they rode the same size NANO ONE™ at the 2012 Masters.

Irrespective of a skier’s weight or height each skier needs to make the same radius turn in the slalom course, thus exists an optimum ski length and width for shortline slalom (much like some snow ski racing events in which all competitors ride the same size skis).  After nearly two decades of research and design and an exhaustive testing process, Goode has found the ONE. 

Proven Performance
It may be the newest ski in the Goode line, but the NANO ONE™ has already proven its tournament ready performance by joining its legendary predecessors in the record books and on the podium.  Regina rode it to a new Women’s world record of 3 buoys at 41-feet off and a course record and title at the Masters.  Chad Scott and Todd Ristorcelli each won Big Dawg events on the NANO ONE™ and numerous regional titles have already been won on it.  Looking for a personal best or a tournament victory?  Get the NANO ONE™ today.

Technology and Engineering That Makes A Difference
The new NANO ONE™ is simply amazing. It’s positively the best performing ski we’ve ever developed. No one is more passionate about pushing the envelope of technology than Goode. We’re committed to designing, engineering and building advanced technology that will truly exceed your expectations and take your skiing to the next level.

Additional Features 

  • Asymmetric design – available in right, left, or neutral stances.
  • Each NANO ONE™ comes factory installed with newly designed brass inserts that are a fraction of the weight of those used by other manufacturers.  They use the Goode pattern and are compatible with most popular bindings.
  • Precision finbox.
  • Five-year warranty.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Handmade in Ogden, Utah, U.S.A.


The GOODE/Eagle Birds of Prey vest  is made from the most flexible and highest grade neoprene available with a front zip design.

* Ultra-stretch 1mm neoprene
* Men's and Women's Styles
* Available in black or white
* Extra large arm holes
* Ergonomically placed 13mm flotation front and back
* Back padding is designed to give skiers back support and side protection.
* Light and flexible, you won't even realize you have a vest on.
* Click HERE for the Sizing Chart

Please note: This vest is NOT Coast Guard Approved, but IS skier approved.


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store | water skis | snow skis | ski poles | accessories | customer service | news | | blog | my account