Volume 33, November 7, 2001

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  GOODE Acquires Volant Ski Manufacturing Equipment and Offers Some Ski Finishing Equipment For Sale

Waterford, MI, November 7, 2001—GOODE Ski Technologies, the world’s largest manufacturer of composite ski poles and carbon composite water skis, today announced they have purchased manufacturing equipment formerly used to produce Volant alpine skis.

Explains president and founder Dave Goode, "I’m very pleased we were able to purchase Volant’s manufacturing equipment. It’s a great opportunity for GOODE Ski Technologies. To date, we’ve built over 3,000 pair of carbon composite snow skis. With the acquisition of this state-of-the-art equipment, I’m hopeful we can expand production and build the lightest skis, utilizing the latest materials and technologies available."

"We have purchased more finishing equipment than we can use at this moment. We will take all reasonable offers to buy this state-of-the-art equipment. Please send your offers and/or questions to me at goode@goode.com or call me at: (248) 666-2500, 1-888-464-6633 or Fax to (248) 666-3492. Thank you."

QTY: 5 units


The ST2600 Universal Production Belt Sander has the power and flexibility to perform all the sanding operations needed in a modern snowboard factory. The ST2600 is an industrial-grade factory machine with a 15-inch vertical contact wheel, allowing sanding of both the top and bottom of a board. The variable speed power feed can be used on either the rubber contact wheel or the water-cooled platen for maximum flexibility and ultra-flat base finishing. The universal features of the ST2600 provide power for fast material removal combined with the precision required during delicate finishing operations. The feed wheel can rotate completely out of the operator's way, allowing for hand-held spot grinding of board tops, bottoms, or sides. Sophisticated design allows an operator to change from contact wheel power feed sanding to platen power feed sanding in seconds. Belts and feed pressure are changeable in less than a minute, making the ST2600 the most versatile factory sander in the world. The pneumatic feed wheel lift assembly eliminates slow and fussy mechanical adjustments, giving the operator full control over the opening and closing cycle. Other contact wheels and bevel platens can be supplied to customer specs. Changeover is simple, requiring about 30 minutes to complete. Made in Vermont, USA, by the largest manufacturer of snowboard and ski tuning machines.

QTY: 1 unit


 With the Micro 1 from WINTERSTEIGER, you are always a step ahead of the competitors. You have all the advantages of belt and stone grinding skis in one machine. On the Micro 1 at peak times, two operators can work independently of each other, one on the belt side and one on the stone side. With the Micro 1 you can carry out a full service on alpine, shaped and cross-country skis as well as snowboards sanding. Pre and finish grinds on the same stone, side edge grinds, base edge tuning, cold waxing and polishing - all can be accomplished quickly, professionally and easily thanks to the Micro 1.

From alpine to shaped skis, convex to concave boards, the three
rollers of our split feed system applies constant pressure to where it is needed most. They can be used individually or together to distribute pressure exactly where it's needed on skis and snowboards, so you
always get an even structure across the whole base. One module does Belt sanding, Base Edge Tuning, Cold waxing, Deburring and polishing. The belts can be changed in a flash, saving you precious time and giving you maximum flexibility. The stone can be dressed with any of the multitude of structure variations in just one dressing operation. Alternatively, it is also possible to dress each half of the stone with a different structure, so you can pre-grind skis on one side and finish grind them on the other. The optional side edge grinding unit grinds the side edges of skis and snowboards at any angle between 87  and 90 .The user-friendly control panel means you can select the desired working parameters quickly and confidently. All drive speeds for the stone, belt, auto feed and dressing unit can be adjusted to suit individual requirements.



QTY: 1 unit



  • Variable controlled stone speed

  • Variable controlled feed speed

  • Variable controlled dressing speed

  • Variable controlled dressing tool advance 1/100 mm - 6/100 mm

  • Variable controlled pressure system      

  • High precision linear dressing system

  • Pneumatic lift off cylinder for feed unit

  • Stone dimension 300 x 125 x 50 mm


QTY: 1 unit


SB2 The SB2 is the same unit as the Micro 1 listed above, except the belt is for skis only.