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click here if you want to learn how to demo a GOODE Ski and PowerShellTM Boots.


all GOODE skis are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one year.

Discover why GOODE E-BindingsTM ski great ....

All GOODE E-BindingTM  are designed for ease of entry and exit, maximum performance, control and stability. We offer two models of boots, the rubber Performance E-BindingTM Series High Wrap and the Power-ShellTM Hard-Shell system. Constructed with the highest quality materials, they are lighter than most of our competitors' bindings.

Performance E-BindingTM Series Bindings

The Performance E-BindingTM Series High Wrap is used by tournament water skiers and features thick rubber for extra lateral support to eliminate unwanted movement. The Performance Series can be custom sized using the rubber overlays.

Custom Size the Performance Bindings using the following instructions:

GET WET: Make sure the foot and the bindings are wet before attempting the following adjustments.


ADJUST LATERAL SUPPORT: Remove the binding from the ski. Unscrew rear horseshoe from under the plate. Pull or loosen rubber overlay to desired size. Replace horseshoe. Screw the binding to the ski. Test adjustment while skiing. Once exact overlay placement is decided, GOODE recommends cutting off any extra rubber one inch or more beyond the edge of the plate to prevent excess rubber from dragging in the water.

  E-BindingTM Series Bindings

Front Boot

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

  WS980 -- Performance E-BindingTM Front Boot

Rear Full Boot

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

  WS981 -- Performance E-BindingTM Rear Boot

Toe Slip

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

  WS985 -- Performance E-BindingTM Toe Slip

WS980 Front E-Binding Boot
WS981 Rear E-Binding Boot
WS985 Rear E-Binding Toe Slip

E-BindingTM Sizing

The following chart is a size selection guide for the GOODE rubber boots. The boots should be fitted so they are not tight. If you require arch supports or orthotics, allow for the necessary extra room.

E-BindingTM Binding Installation

The binding should be installed using #10 stainless steel sheet metal screws, 5/8" long. The heel of the front boot should be located at the following area:

MODEL 62" 64" 65.5" 66.25" 67" 69"
9100   29.25" 29.5"   30.5"  
9200 28" 29.125" 29.375"   30.375"  
9200 LTD 28" 29.125 29.375   30.375  
9300 28.125 29.25" 29.5"   30.5"  
9400 28" 29" 29.25"   30.25"  
9500 28" 28.875" 29.125" 29.5" 30.125" 31.125"
9600 28.125" 29" 29.25" 29.625" 30.25" 31.25"
9700 28" 28.875" 29.125" 29.5" 30.125" 31.125"
MODEL 62" 64.25" 65.75" 66.5" 67.25" 68.5"
9800 28" 29.125" 29.375" 29.75" 30.375" 30.625"

It is important to measure from the back of the front boot rubber (inside of horseshoe) to the end of the ski tail or in the case of the PowerShell to measure to the back of the front PowerShell boot.

To install bindings on the ski, place the front binding on the ski in the proper location. Screw the binding screws (#10 stainless steel sheet metal screws, 5/8" long) into the ski with a power screwdriver (use a #2 Phillips bit). It is not necessary to drill a pilot hole. DO NOT OVER TORQUE SCREWS WITH THE POWER DRIVER. THIS WILL STRIP THE INSERTS AND VOID THE WARRANTY. HAND TIGHTEN THE LAST FEW THREADS. Position rear binding and repeat the same steps to mount the front binding.

Remounting - if you are placing bindings on a ski that has previously been mounted, be sure to space the new screw holes at least 1/4" apart from the existing holes. You should NEVER have more than 24 holes in your ski (normally two sets of binding holes) or the ski may break causing injury.

Ski Binding Adjustment

The rubber bindings allow for a .5" movement in either direction. GOODE recommends installing them in their center-most position, and adjust from there if needed. Moving the bindings back will cause the tip of the ski to rise out of the water and to lose angle across the wake. IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO MOVE YOUR BINDINGS FORWARD OF RECOMMENDATION. IT IS VERY COMMON FOR FIRST TIME SKIERS TO FEEL LIKE "THE WATER IS NOT BREAKING IN THE RIGHT SPOT" AND FOR THEM TO MOVE THE BINDINGS FORWARD. THIS FORWARD ADJUSTMENT CAN CAUSE THE SKI NOT TO TURN. IT IS BETTER TO SKI ON THE SKI FOR A WHILE, ADJUSTING YOUR WEIGHT AND THEN BRING THE TIP DOWN WITH A FIN ADJUSTMENT, NOT A BINDING MOVEMENT.


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