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click here if you want to learn how to demo a GOODE Ski and PowerShellTM Boots.


all GOODE skis are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one year.

As of June, 2007, GOODE  Ski Technologies is offering an Extended Warranty Option for GOODE  Water skis and  PowerShells® at the time of purchase.  This Extended Warranty Option offers extended warranty coverage beyond GOODE's Standard Limited Warranty.

GOODE  understands that some customers want extended care and assistance with their GOODE  products.  As a trusted guide, GOODE  is continually striving to provide quality services and support for our customers.

At the time of purchase of a GOODE  Water ski or  PowerShell® system, you can select a 1, 2 or 3 year Extended Warranty Option.  This program is available only to current models in production and only at the time of purchase (see GOODE Customer Service for current production models.) The extended warranty coverage will be in effect starting the date of purchase of ski and/or PowerShell® and  covers the original owner of the equipment only.  The Extended Warranty Option does not transfer should you sell, give, donate or transfer title of product(s).    

What the Extended Warranty Option includes….

·        One year Limited Warranty – Warranted from material or manufacturing defect (see below for more details in “Standard Limited Warranty”.)

·        Breaks, chips or cracks which occurred while skiing under normal conditions, including falling.  

·        Breaks or cracks due to handle dings.

·        Stripped screws (provided the bindings were properly mounted as specified in GOODE's Technical Manual.)

·        Dock Rash  

·        Bent or lost wings and/or fins (limit one occurrence per 12 months)

·        Broken buckles, straps or rusted hinges; cracked or broken PowerShell® plates.

·        Yearly Maintenance Program (See below in “Yearly Maintenance Program”)

Under this Extended Warranty Option, the damaged equipment will either be restored to proper operating condition at no charge to the original owner (other than shipping.) This includes all warranted parts and labor, or item will be replaced.

 It will be GOODE's  sole discretion to decide if the damaged parts are to be repaired or replaced.  If a ski requires replacement and is a discontinued model, it will be replaced with either the same ski (if available) or one that is of comparative performance or current model. 

All products under warranty must be returned to GOODE Ski Technologies for proper evaluation prior to repair or replacement.  No replacement product will be sent out in advance. 

GOODE also reserves the right not to offer this program to any individual for any reason. 

Yearly Maintenance Program….. 

In an effort to maintain the performance of your GOODE ski, under the Extended Warranty Option, you are entitled to one ski refinish per year as long as you are the original owner and your warranty option is still in effect.  The bottom will be restored and if the ski requires binding screw inserts, we will install them at no extra charge. InterLocTM will be replaced if needed and is sold separately.  Water ski refinishing is a $125.00 value if sold separately plus shipping and handling.)

 What the Extended Warranty Option does NOT include…. 

·        Damage due to ANY modifications made on the ski or PowerShell®.

·        Product breaks or damaged when not skiing.  Examples may include but are not limited to, shipping, airline mishap, run over by motorized vehicle, etc.

·        Damage resulting from misuse, neglect or abuse.

·        Normal wear and tear.

·        Exterior appearance or color, such as fading or bubbles due to sun exposure and/or moisture and heat.

·        Skis mounted with Fogmann Bindings[i].

·        Improper mounting of bindings.

·        Replacement of InterLocTM due to bent “mushrooms”, adhesive problems, parts missing, etc.

·        Shipping, handling and insurance to and from GOODE Ski Technologies for warranty repair, replacement or refinishing.

·        Sunken or lost PowerShell® systems or puzzle pieces.

 Cost of GOODE’s Extended Warranty Option*… 

WARRANTY-S Extended Warranty SKI ONLY
WARRANTY-B Extended Warranty BOTH SKI and PS

*Prices are subject to change without notice. Warranty options are non-renewable

 To Accept your Extended Warranty Option… 

The GOODE Customer Service Representative will review the Extended Warranty Option with you at the time of your order.  If you accept, it will be noted on your order and you will be charged accordingly.  Your email shipping acknowledgement will note your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the warranty option.  A web link will be provided for a copy of the warranty program.

 Warranty Procedures… 

Warranty service is very important to everyone concerned.   GOODE asks that the following procedures be complied with to ensure efficient service.  No returns will be accepted without prior return authorization  (RA#) from GOODE.  Compliance with these procedures will ensure the quickest possible resolution of the warranty claim.  Your Extended Warranty Option will be valid for either 1, 2 or 3 years from the date of purchase.

 To Obtain Return Authorization…

An authorization number (RA#) may be requested by phone: (801) 621-2300 or by e-mail at Be prepared to provide the following information:

·        Your name, address, phone numbers, e-mail address

·        Model of ski and/or PowerShell®

·        Length

·        Serial number of ski and/or PowerShell®

·        Date of purchase

·        A brief description of the damage

 To Return Warranty …·

·        Attach a copy of the PROOF OF PURCHASE to the GOODE ski and/or PowerShell®.

·        Package the ski and/or PowerShell® carefully to prevent further damage.

·        Write the RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER (RA#) clearly on the outside of the carton being returned. Failure to obtain and record the RA# on the outside of the box can result in non-acceptance of product and return at customer’s expense.

  • Important Note:  GOODE recommends that any ski being sent is insured for the value of the ski.  If a ski is broken in transit, GOODE is not responsible for repair or replacement.
  • Ship the ski and/or PowerShell INSURED and FREIGHT PREPAID to:
  • GOODE Ski Technologies
    2450 Wall Avenue
    Ogden, Utah 84401



water skis | PowerShell boots | PowerPlate system | PowerVest system | accessories

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