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click here if you want to learn how to demo a GOODE Ski and PowerShellTM Boots.


all GOODE skis are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one year.

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GOODE PowerShelltm Introduction
GOODE PowerShelltm Boots

GOODE PowerShelltm Technical Information
GOODE PowerShelltm Boot Sizing
GOODE PowerShelltm Installation
GOODE PowerShelltm Adjustment
Using the GOODE PowerShelltm System
GOODE PowerShelltm Mounting Locations
Download GOODE PowerShelltm III Tech Manual (PDF-93kb)
Download Current GOODE PowerShell
tm 4 Tech Manual (PDF-101kb)
Download TheroFittm  Heat Molding Instructions


GOODE PowerShellTM Introduction

At GOODE, we started from the ground up to design a water ski boot system that increases edge power, control and comfort over rubber boots.

Water ski boots must perform two functions; 1.) Hold your foot to the ski and provide control and 2.) To release from your foot in a bad fall. Rubber boots do neither well. The tighter you make the rubber boots for increased control, the more they hurt and the less they come off in a fall. The looser you make a rubber boot the more comfort and safety you will have, but you will lose control and power.

The GOODE PowerShellTM System does both of these functions better. The GOODE PowerShell Boots fit comfortably on your feet and provide increased edge control and power. The InterLocTM System is mounted on a binding plate that is releasable from the ski. It's a screwless binding system.

The PowerShel Boot In September, 1996, I broke my left ankle while skiing in a rubber water ski boot. After six weeks in a cast I vowed never to put my foot back in a rubber boot. I hear from a lot of skiers and this is an all too common problem. It was from this accident and with new determination that I developed the GOODE PowerShellTM System. Although I am not promoting this as a safety binding, since I believe you can still get hurt while skiing with it, I do believe that in most instances it is safer than traditional rubber water ski boots.

In addition, the InterLocTM  System allows your ski to "Free-Flex". The system does not bind or change the ski's flex as do traditional rubber boot plates or other brands of hardshell boots. The PowerShell System is also much lighter than traditional rubber boots.

The technical advantages of hardshell bindings are evident by their performances. Will Asher (GBR) was the Gold medalist at the 2005 World Championships and the 2006 Masters Championships and skis with the GOODE PowerShell System. (Photo below). At the 2005 U.S. Nationals, Men's Open Division, the first 3 places were on hardshell boots.

Now that fiberglass skis are obsolete, why not make your rubber boots obsolete, too?

Will Asher (GBR) 1st Place World Championships 

Try the new GOODE PowerShellTM system today! Click here to see our Demo Program Details.


WS100DX PowerShell 4 Double with Heat Moldable Liner
WS100SX PowerShell 4 Single-Toe Slip with Heat Moldable Liner
WS090X PowerShell Replacement Liners - Std
WS091X PowerShell Heat Moldable Liners


GOODE PowerShellTM 4 Boots

The GOODE PowerShellTM 4 Double Boot System features two hard boots with lock down buckles on a single G-10 Composite plate; internal adjustable straps; New Boot Rotation System and adjustable rear double spring heel hold down system. The double spring system allows your rear foot heel to raise which adds Power to your edge change behind the boat. During a fall, both boots release on a single plate.

The GOODE PowerShellTM 4 Single Boot System features one hard boot with lock down buckles on a G-10 Composite plate; internal adjustable straps and a rear toe slip. The front boot is on a separate plate from the rear toe slip. During a fall, only the front boot releases from the ski.

GOODE PowerShellTM Technical Information

The GOODE PowerShellTM 4 Binding System is made of hard shell boots, attached with adjustable stainless screws to a G-10 composite binding plate. The binding plate attaches to the ski with the patented Inter-LocTM System. The InterLocTM attaches to the plate and to the ski with an adhesive. This material has incredible holding power, about 35 lbs. per square inch. When pressed together, hundreds of mushroom-shaped stem interlock with one another. An audible snap announces that the Inter-LocTM is locked.

In the event of a hard fall, the binding plate will separate from the ski. Two "Puzzle Pieces" help relocate the binding plate. You can adjust the force that the PowerShellTM 4 releases by adding or removing the amount of InterLocTM  between the binding plate and ski. As a rule, you should have about 1-1/2" length of InterLocTM  material behind your rear foot. If your binding plate releases too easily then you can add additional InterLocTM . If you feel that you have fallen and the ski should have released, you can remove InterLocTM  by trimming it with a razor knife and peeling if off either the ski or the binding plate.

The PowerShellTM 4 Binding System allows for micro adjustments of the individual boots forward, backward and angling them side to side, allowing you to precisely adjust your balance and stance.

Skiers with double boots have two adjustment options for their rear boot heel raise: 1.) Fixed heel option or 2.) Heel raise option. The fixed heel option does not allow the skiers back foot heel to raise off of the ski. With the ski heel raise option (recommended) installed, skiers can adjust their rear spring tension to allow their rear heel to raise. This slight heel raise permits the skier to place weight on the front of the ski allowing it to slow at the buoy.

GOODE PowerShellTM Boot Sizing

The following chart is a size selection guide for the GOODE PowerShellTM 4 Boots. The boots should be fitted so they are not tight. Performance is obtained from the lateral stiffness of the hard shell; not how tight the boot fits your foot. If you require arch supports or orthotics, allow for the necessary extra room.

GOODE PowerShellTM Installation

1.) To install bindings on the ski, place the PowerShellTM 4 binding plate on the ski in the proper location (See Mounting Locations). Using a pencil, trace the plate outline onto the ski.

2.) To install the InterLocTM  to the ski, clean the area marked, plus 1-1/2" longer on both the front and back, using isopropyl alcohol and a cloth. Allow to dry 1 minute.

3.) Peel back adhesive 3M backing from the InterLocTM . Carefully position the InterLocTM  1-1/2" ahead of the pencil line closest to the tip running to 1-1/2" behind the pencil line closest to the tail. The Inter-Loc should be positioned following the pencil line down each top edge of the ski. Using your fingers press the Inter-Loc down securely to the ski.

4.) Snap the PowerShell binding plate to the ski by pressing them firmly together. (Measure to make sure front boot is positioned according to the Binding Mounting Location Chart.) Use a rubber mallet to fully lock the Inter-Loc together by tapping on top of the binding plate.

5.) When pressed together, hundreds of mushroom-shaped stems interlock with one another. An audible "Snap!" announces that the Inter-Loc is locked. Also, visually check to see that the Inter-Loc is snapped together. 

6.) Place the larger front "Puzzle Piece" tightly against the PowerShell binding plate and snap into place. Place the smaller rear "Puzzle Piece" tightly against the PowerShell binding plate and snap into place. These "Puzzle Pieces" help relocate the binding plate when it releases.

GOODE PowerShellTM Mounting Locations

MODEL 62" 64" 65.5" 66.25" 67" 69"
9100   29.25" 29.5"   30.5"  
9200 28" 29.125" 29.375"   30.375"  
9200 LTD 28" 29.125 29.375   30.375  
9300 28.125 29.25" 29.5"   30.5"  
9400 28" 29" 29.25"   30.25"  
9500 28" 28.875" 29.125" 29.5" 30.125" 31.125"
9600 28.125" 29" 29.25" 29.625" 30.25" 31.25"
9700 28" 28.875" 29.125" 29.5" 30.125" 31.125"
MODEL 62" 64.25" 65.75" 66.5" 67.25" 68.5"
9800 28" 29.125" 29.375" 29.75" 30.375" 30.625"

GOODE PowerShellTM Adjustment

To adjust your bindings location:

1.) Move either the front or back "Puzzle Piece" to the new desired location.

2.) Pry a corner of the InterLocTM  binding plate off using a large standard screwdriver or claw hammer. Be careful not to gouge or damage the ski's top.

3.) Re-snap the PowerShellTM 4 binding plate to the ski by pressing them firmly together. Use a rubber mallet to fully lock the InterLocTM  together by tapping on top of the binding plate. When pressed together, hundreds of mushroom-shaped stems interlock with one another. An audible "Snap!" announces that the Inter-Loc is locked. Also, visually check to see that the InterLocTM  is snapped together.

4.) Move the other "Puzzle Piece" close to the InterLocTM  plate and snap it into place.

Moving the bindings forward will cause the front of the ski to ride deeper in the water. Moving the bindings back will cause the tip of the ski to rise out of the water.

Using the GOODE PowerShellTM

Before skiing each time visually check to see that the InterLocTM  is snapped together.

To put the boots on your feet, remove the liners and slip them on your feet (this will prevent "bunching"). Start with your back foot first. No soap is needed. Buckle the straps to the desired tightness. The boots should be comfortable, not tight.

It is recommend that you count and remember the number of "Clicks" of each buckle so that you can repeat your settings each time you ski. You can feel the performance difference of each "Click". The tighter the boots, the more edge control. You may need to back off a "Click" if you have too much edge.

It is recommended that the back boot, middle strap, be the loosest of all the buckles. Your rear foot heel actually lifts slightly while skiing.

When finished skiing, remove the liners so that they can dry. The liners are not designed to walk in.


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