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STEP 1: Preparing

Wash the bottom of the new ski with mild dish soap and sponge, rinse will with clear water. Grease and oil on the ski will inhibit performance of the ski by reducing adherence to the water. Water beading up on the base of the ski indicates the presence of grease or oil. Reclean the bottom to restore surface.

STEP 2: Transporting

The ski should always be transported in a bag. The GOODE ski bag has been specially designed with a hard inlay between two pads to protect the bottom of the ski, wing and fin. This bag is not recommended for air travel. The ski should be placed in a hard-sided container for air travel.

STEP 3: Storing

Store the ski in a cool, dry place. Even though carbon is a temperature resistant material, it is recommended that extremes in temperature be avoided.

STEP 4: Repairing

Be aware that carbon is a fibrous material and care should be used when working on the ski to avoid getting slivers. Should the ski become deeply scratched or nicked, use any quick-dry two-part epoxy to fill the area. Carefully smooth the repaired area with fine grit sand paper. If repairing areas on the ski bottom, be careful not to change the surface angles.