Leading Through Carbon Technology

In 1994, we changed the industry. We started from the ground up to design a water ski that was lighter and stronger, providing better flex control and hydrodynamics than anything on the market. Our first pure carbon 9100™ water skis allowed competitors to take the sport to another level. Athletes skiing on GOODE have held World Records since 1996.

Nano Carbon Fiber, Another Industry First

When we introduced the Nano™, we raised a few eyebrows. Goode skis constructed from nano carbon fiber and resin have higher strength-to-weight ratios, are lighter and stiffer than skis built from traditional carbon fiber.Nano Nano carbon helps us raise the performance bar to a higher level.

Now the Nano OneXT™ has undisputedly proven its performance advantages. In 2012 and 2013, Team Goode skier, Regina Jaquess, won every tournament she entered while skiing on her NANO ONE - the Masters, Atlanta Pro Am, Malibu Open, Soaked, PanAms and the Indonesia World Cup as well as set a new world record at 3@41’off (10.25m). Team Goode skiers riding skis built with nano fiber also won Big Dawg events, national titles, world titles and set many personal bests.

Hand Built in the USA

We build our skis using only the highest quality materials. Every ski is made by hand in our research, development, and production facility which is only blocks away from Goode Ski Lake in Ogden, Utah.Goode Ski lake



Technology and Engineering That Makes A Difference

It all started in 1975. Driven by a passion for the sport, Dave Goode founded Dave Goodea company deeply rooted in skiing. Today, in our research, development, and production facility in Ogden, Utah, we are continuing to innovate. Conceptual design, engineering, mold making, layout, pressing, finishing, and testing all take place under one roof.

We Know Carbon

We pioneered its use building the first carbon ski pole, the first carbon water ski, and the first carbon snow ski. But, we don’t just build carbon fiber products. We build products that perform at the highest levels of the sport, that allow athletes to experience new personal bests, that deliver moments and memories to last a lifetime.

The New Nano OneXT™ is Simply Amazing

The new Nano OneXT™ is simply amazing, it’s positively the best performing ski we’ve ever developed. No one is more passionate about pushing the envelope of technology than Goode. We’re committed to designing, engineering and building advanced technology that will truly exceed your expectations and takeRegina Jaquess your skiing to the next level.

Genius Bevels™

The new bevels on the Nano One™ are different from all others. You’ll experience an easy, comfortable, yet extremely stable and solid connection to the water that gives you more confidence and quicker edge-to-edge performance throughout the turn and as you build angle across the wake. Our new Genius Bevels™ work in perfect harmony with our new One Shape™ providing you the sweetest, easiest, best skiing ski you’ve ever been on.