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  • Base - the bottom surface of the ski that aids in gliding.

  • Camber - the curvature of the ski's base that helps distribute the skier's weight over the length of the ski.

  • Cord length - the overall length of the ski.

  • Dampening - the reduction of ski vibration or "chatter".

  • Edge - the metal surface on the ski that aids in snow holding.

  • Flex/Torsion Ratio - the relationship of a ski's longitudinal flex to its torsional flex. Softer longitudinal flex and stiffer torsional flex provide more stability.

  • Length - the measurement in centimeters from the ski's tip to its tail.

  • Profile - the outline of the ski when viewed from the top or bottom.

  • Running surface - the total area of the ski that contacts the snow's surface.

  • Side cut - the "hourglass" shape a ski has as a result of a wide tip and tail and a narrow waist.

  • Swing weight - the rotational mass of the ski--a lower swing weight allows quicker turn initiation.

  • Tail - the rearward most part of the ski.

  • Tip - The forward most part of the ski.

  • Torsional flex - the measured amount in which the ski flexes along its width or the amount in which the ski "twists".

  • Weight - the physical mass of the ski.