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Carbon Composite
EX 165

GOODE Ski Technologies uses its proprietary carbon fiber/composite construction in its latest development - the GOODE Exile snowboard. From the American-made wood core to the hardened steel edges, the Exile board uses the best in design and materials. Handmade in the USA, GOODE boards turn easier, go faster and carve better.

The Exile board has a low swing weight allowing it to turn incredibly easy. The extreme torsion rigidity holds an edge better than traditional construction and changes edges faster for quicker turns. The moderate longitudinal flex and balanced flex pattern help all levels of riders make rounded turns with less effort.

The GOODE snowboard is built with a symmetrical sidecut for predictable performance in variable snow conditions, even moguls. The sidecut combines with the balanced flex pattern to allow easy turn initiation with a smooth finish. The ISO Speed graphite base glides smoother and faster and provides a durable, low maintenance running surface.

Target Market

For the Alpine crossover snowboarder or the experienced rider looking for the ultimate carving board, GOODE Exile boards perform. The boards handle different riding styles and snow conditions with ease - all-mountain, hard carving, powder or moguls - so the Exile is the only board you'll need.

Target Rider

  • Experienced rider looking for the ultimate board.
  • Crossover Alpine skier seeking exceptional carving ability and easy turn initiation.
  • All abilities from novice rider to advanced all-mountain riders.