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How can I buy GOODE Skis and Accessories?
GOODE Water Skis and Accessories are available Factory Direct only. You can order On-Line, via FAX 1-248-666-3492, e-mail or Toll Free (within the US and Canada) at 1-888-GO-GOODE. Other calling areas can dial 1-801-621-2300. Our office hours are M-F 8:00am-5:00pm Mountain Time Zone.
Can I try a GOODE Ski before I buy it?
Yes, we have a two week Demo Program for water skis and PowerShell Boots that will allow you to try your GOODE Ski before you buy. Unlike other manufacturers, we ship you a brand new ski, set-up for your height, weight and skiing ability. Try it on your own lake, at your own pace. We want you to be completely satisified with your new ski.
What is the difference between the 9600 and the 9500?
Click here to learn more.
What ski did Jeff Rodgers use to set the Word Record?
Jeff skied on a stock 9100 AMP 160 (medium flex 65.5"). Unlike other manufacturers, who build special skis for their top skiers, you can buy the same ski that our top skiers use in competition. He again tied is World Record on a 9500 AMP 160.
What is an AMP rating?
AMP is short for Ampliation, which means "sizing". We created an AMP chart to define a skis length and flex. There are currently 8 different AMP rating for the GOODE 9100 and 9200 skis. For example, an AMP 160 is a medium flexing 65.5" ski.
Why do GOODE skis measure longer than other brands?
We measure the length of our skis using "cord" length, much like a snow ski is measured. Other water ski manufacturers measure their skis following the curve of the bottom of the ski. Typically a GOODE ski will be 1/2" to 5/8" longer than other manufacturer's skis.
How do I select the proper ski size and flex ("AMP").
Please refer to the AMP Chart for your recommended ski.
How long does it take to get my new GOODE Ski?
You can expect to receive your new ski in 5-10 days. The exact time depends on the time of year and your choice of delivery service.
Do you offer cosmetic seconds or pre-drilled skis at a reduced price?
Yes. You can refer to the "Close-Out List" right here on the web. These skis are available on a first come, first served basis.