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 GOODE Ski Technologies Newsletter . Volume 64 
August 9, 2004 
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After a week filled with rain, wind, sun and tremendous performances, the 62nd GOODE Water Ski National Championships concluded on Saturday.

Dawn and I always look forward to seeing our many friends and acquaintances each year at the Nationals and this year was no exception!

For many skiers, the conclusion of the Nationals marks the beginning of a new season. It is a good time to start to work on that new technique or make that long awaited fin adjustment. It is also a great time to try new equipment. Please let me know if I can help you in any way.

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Dave Goode, Owner/Founder

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GOODE Skis announced its newest tournament slalom ski, the GOODE 9600, last week at the 2004 GOODE Water Ski National Championships. "I am really happy with the acceptance of the new 9600", said Dave Goode. "The feedback I am receiving from all of the skiers, like Dr. Mike Morgan, is very encouraging.", Goode continues. "The 9600 is working very well for me and I am glad to see others having similar results.", Goode concludes. The 9600 features the following:

20% Lighter - You will notice the quicker edge change and the faster acceleration.

New Flex/Torsion Ratio - Softer longitudinal and stiffer torsional flex. You will create tighter turns which leave you up course and early for the next buoy.

New Bevel Configuration - Straighter Side Edge Bevels - You will make smoother turns; less apt to bite.

Wider Tail Tapering to the Tip - You will feel increased stability and performance.

2 Extra Layers of Carbon Fiber - Added for additional binding screw retention.

Altered Internal Carbon Laminates - The result is the total "feel" of the ski.

New 9600 Graphics and Top Ribs - a new look.

You can try a new GOODE 9600 by calling GOODE at 1- 888-GO-GOODE or ordering on-line.

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Nearly 1,000 water ski athletes - ages 5 through 91 - from across the United States competed for national titles in slalom, tricks, jumping and overall in 26 age divisions and two Open divisions during the five-day tournament that culminated on Saturday. Advancement to the Water Ski National Championships - the world's largest 3-event water ski tournament - is earned through exceptional performances during the summer tournament season and by placement at regional championships held in the five USA Water Ski regions in late July.

The Website - - contains information, news and results.

The 62nd annual GOODE Water Ski National Championships took place Aug. 3-7 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

click here for the Nationals Website and Results....

April Coble-Eller (Lillington, N.C.) rode her GOODE Ski to victory by skiing 2 buoys at 38 off to win the Open Women's National Title.

"April used excellent strategy.", said Dave Goode. April 'Opted-Up' so that she ran her 35' off into a head wind. This was the first time April ever skipped a pass in competition.

Regina Jaquess of Suwanee, Ga., set a pending Women 1 national tricks record of 8,400 points in winning the Open Women national tricks title. The score was just 230 points shy of the current Women's world record.

Regina is the first woman ever to land a front flip in the trick competition.

Skiing against the best 55K (34mph) skiers in the country, Dr. Mike Morgan (Odessa, FL) showed them who was the best. Riding his GOODE Ski, Dr. Morgan skied an incredible 3 buoys at 41' off despite the strong crosswind.

"Mike came prepared to take on the challengers.", said Dave Goode. "I sent Mike a new 9600 just last week to try. After only the first day skiing on the ski, Mike reported the performance of the 9600 as 'STUNNING'.

Dr. Mike Morgan

"I want to thank my family, GOODE Skis, USA Water Ski and the organizing club for putting on a great National Championships", concludes Dr. Mike Morgan.

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