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What’s the difference between the new GOODE 9600 and the 9500?  

  1. 20% Lighter – You will notice the quicker edge change and the faster acceleration.
  2. New Flex/Torsion Ratio – Softer longitudinal and stiffer torsional flex. You will create tighter turns which leave you up course and early for the next buoy.
  3. New Bevel Configuration – Straighter Side Edge Bevels – You will make smoother turns; less apt to bite.
  4. Wider Tail Tapering to the Tip – You will feel increased stability and performance.
  5. 2 Extra Layers of Carbon Fiber – Added for additional binding screw retention.
  6. Binding Mounting Location – 0.125” (1/8”) forward.
  7. Altered Internal Carbon Laminates – The result is the total “feel” of the ski.
  8. New 9600 Graphics and Top Ribs – a new look.